Reducing Problem Behaviors

The Second Step in Tackling Any Problem Behavior

In a previous blog, I discussed the first step to tackle any problem behavior and that was to fully assess the whole child and accurately describe the problem behavior. If you haven’t watched that video blog, you may want to do that first. After assessment and a really good description of what the problem behavior looks like when it occurs, we need to determine when and where the problem behavior usually happens. Is it always with mom? Does it usually occur ... Read more

The First Step to Tackling ANY Problem Behavior

I did a survey a few years ago as I was creating my first online course and 300 autism professionals and parents responded within a week. They told me that their #1 challenge by far, hands down, was handling problem behavior. As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at the doctoral level, I have analyzed a lot of different problem behaviors ranging from severe self-injurious behavior to one student who said “Are you happy?" 48 times in 10 min to another boy ... Read more

Balancing Reinforcement and Demands for Your Client or Child With Autism

In this video blog, I want to share with you a useful analogy I use to examine how we work with our clients or children with autism: I’ve been working with children with autism for almost 2 decades as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Early on in my career when I would see children with problem behaviors within autism classrooms a few things would come to my mind. First I would think: What is this child like when they are home on the ... Read more