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Early Learner Course
Learn strategies to help your child or client improve their language and learning skills and reduce their barriers to learning (such as the problem behaviors).
Module 1 ABA/VB for Children with Autism
Unit 1 ABA/VB Overview
Unit 2 Assessing
Unit 3 Preparing the Environment
Unit 4 Tools and Homework Available for Download
Module 2 Dealing with Problem Behaviors
Unit 1 Problem Behaviors Overview
Unit 2 Antecedent Strategies to Prevent and Reduce Problem Behavior
Unit 3 Reactive Strategies to Reduce or Eliminate Problem Behavior
Unit 4 Tools and Homework Available for Download
Module 3 Teaching Verbal Behavior
Unit 1 The Verbal Operants
Unit 2 VB-MAPP
Unit 3 Errorless Teaching and Transfer Procedures
Unit 4 Teaching Early Learners at the Table and Away from the Table
Unit 5 Homework and Tools Available for Download
Module 4 Putting an ABA/VB Program in Place
Unit 1 ABA/VB Organization and Data Collection
Unit 2 Building Language Skills
Unit 3 Programming Mistakes
Unit 4 Putting it all Together!
Unit 5 Tools and Homework Available for Download
Module 5 Q & A (Early Learner)
Unit 1 Questions & Answers - Early Learner
Module 6 Bonus Video Vault (Early Learner)
Unit 1 Bonus Video Vault - Early Learner