ABA/VB Overview

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AAH Unit 1 Lesson 1: ABA and Verbal Behavior for Children with Autism
Question #1: ABA stands for:

Question #2: In the Lovaas study, how many children became indistinguishable from their peers by the first grade?
Question #3: True or false: ABA is one of many scientifically validated treatments for autism recommended by the U.S. Surgeon General?
Question #4: Who does Mary consider to be the grandfather of Verbal Behavior, due to his application of Skinner’s work to children with developmental disabilities?
Question #5: True or false: B.F. Skinner’s book called “Verbal Behavior,” had nothing to do with children with autism.
Question #6: True or false: In thinking of a behavior you want to change, the vast majority of people choose a problem behavior they want to stop.
Question #7: Which of the following were problems with the procedures in Daniel’s videos?
Question #8: True or false: Alex perseverating on “Outback Steakhouse” is not a problem behavior because he is not kicking, hitting, or flopping to the ground.
Question #9: Where can you find the handout by Dr. Cheryl Tierney?