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AAH Unit 1 Lesson 2: Assessing
Question #1: Did you print your “Getting Started with the Verbal Behavior Approach” article?
Question #2: True or false: Usually when children have issues with feeding, they also have issues with talking?
Question #3: The problems with pacifiers can include:
Question #4: True or false: This assessment only addresses the areas of verbal behavior?
Question #5: Asking, “What is it?” with an object or a flashcard is considered assessing:

Question #6: Saying, “Say ____,” is considered assessing:
Question #7: Asking, “What’s your name?” is considering assessing:
Question #8: Saying, “Do this” and doing an action is considered assessing:
Question #9: True or false: Be vague when assessing problem behavior during the assessment
Question #10: On, you can find which helpful assessment tools?