Preparing the Environment

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AAH Unit 1 Lesson 3: Preparing the Environment for Learning
Question #1: What is the first thing you will need to prepare the environment for learning?
Question #2: Why do we move the table and chairs?
Question #3: What is best to have as reinforcement set up at the table?
Question #4: What is the main purpose of utilizing a first word book at the table?
Question #5: True or false: We use the Original Memory game at the table by playing traditional memory with the child?
Question #6: Using the memory game cards and a wipe box, we can work on:
Question #7: How many times do we pair the word with the child before delivering the card to put in the box?
Question #8: What is one of the best toys for any age and any ability to work on pairing up language and pairing up body parts?
Question #9: True or false: Simple inset puzzles are important to work on labeling objects and putting the puzzle pieces in the correct spot, even if hand over hand is necessary at first.
Question #10: True or false: An object imitation program needs to be started right away in order to have success at the table