Problem Behaviors Overview

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AAH Unit 2 Lesson 1: Problem Behavior Overview
Question #1: If problem behaviors are occurring, it is usually because:
Question #2: True or false: You should alert the child when you begin to increase the demands
Question #3: In Applied Behavior Analysis, A-B-C stands for:

Question #4: Consider this scenario: 
Mom and daughter were at the mall. Daughter saw a pretzel stand and wanted a pretzel. Daughter screamed and ran towards the pretzel stand. Mom bought her a pretzel and delivered it to her.
What was the consequence?
Question #5: Punishment is defined as:
Question #6: Self-stimulatory behavior can also be labeled functionally as:
Question #7: True or false: No people are needed for socially mediated negative reinforcement.
Question #8: Consider the following scenario:
Billy is in a mainstreamed classroom for Science and Math. Today, when the teacher delivered his math work sheet, Billy dropped to the floor and cried and threw his book at his teacher. Billy was sent to the principal’s office and had to sit in the office for the remainder of the class period. The next time Billy is given a math work sheet, he cries and immediately throws his book at his teacher.
Was this behavior reinforced or punished?
Question #9: Punishment is problematic when implemented incorrectly because:

Question #10: Who came up with the three button system?