Errorless Teaching and Transfer Procedures

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AAH Unit 3 Lesson 3: Errorless Learning and Transfer Procedures
Question #1: Why do we use errorless learning?
Question #2: True or false: To prevent errors, we use a 0 second time delay.
Question #3: Which of the following is the correct order for the full errorless teaching procedure?
Question #4: True or false: Every errorless trial needs to have the full 4 step sequence, including distractor and check.
Question #5: Who developed the transcription system?
Question #6: True or false: A transfer procedure is basically utilizing the operant that the child is most skilled at and transferring them to the operant where there are deficits.
Question #7: When do we use an error correction procedure?
Question #8: True or false: Echoics cannot be prompted.
Question #9: A benefit to transcription is:
Question #10: One advantage of pairing and programming at a table is that the child may start running to the table for learning time