Teaching Early Learners at the Table and Away from the Table

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AAH Unit 3 Lesson 4: Teaching Early Learners Both at the Table and Away from the Table
Question #1: To start a child’s ABA VB program, we focus on:

Question #2: True or false: Once the initial programs are in place, we then move on to using transfer procedures and teaching children new skills.
Question #3: Which of the following is not a table program?
Question #4: Why is matching an easy program to teach and a good program to start with?
Question #5: What are the first pictures we use for teaching tacts?
Question #6: During song time, we can work on which of the following?
Question #7: True or false: If a child has some sitting and attending skills as well as some general compliance skills, Mary recommends to look into starting pre-school.
Question #8: During a 20 or 30 hour per week ABA VB program, we want to focus on programs that can include:

Question #9: True or false: We want to end every haircut or other community outing with reinforcement.
Question #10: True or false: During task analysis teaching, we want to use a lot of verbal prompts to guide the child through the task.