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AAH Unit 3 Lesson 2: VB-MAPP Assessment
Question #1: Who developed the VB-MAPP?
Question #2: Which of the following areas are included on the VB-MAPP?
Question #3: Who developed the Echoic Assessment in the VB-MAPP?
Question #4: True or false: The VB-MAPP was developed and field tested with typically developing children
Question #5: On VBMAPPApp.com, how many assessments can you complete on one student?
Question #6: True or false: When in doubt with scoring, score higher to give the student more points on his VB-MAPP
Question #7: True or false: We can generate a printable report right on VBMAPPApp.com after we complete an assessment.
Question #8: True or false: The printable report will automatically generate programming goals based on the student’s score.
Question #9: The Goal of programming is for the milestones to decrease and the barriers to increase
Question #10: True or false: It is only necessary to complete the milestones section of the VB-MAPP.