Building Language Skills

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AAH Unit 4 Lesson 2: Building Language and Learning Skills
Question #1: The shoebox program integrates which of the following verbal operants to teach vocal language?
Question #2: True or false: Feeding issues are often related to speech issues, which is why it is important to tackle them early.
Question #3: Which sounds usually develop first in infants?
Question #4: Which of the vocal words and signs should be avoided when teaching early language?
Question #5: True or false: Teaching carrier phrases such as “I want,” is an effective way to build sentence length with early learners.
Question #6: To build conditional discrimination right from the start, how many targets should each program have at one time in ABA VB programming?

Question #7: What is the average ratio for easy tasks to hard tasks within ABA VB intensive teaching?
Question #8: How quickly should a child respond during ABA VB intensive teaching to maintain fast-paced instruction and fluent responding?
Question #9: True or false: a variable ratio schedule of reinforcement means the child receives reinforcement on a average number of correct responses, which is randomly varied so the child does not know when reinforcement is coming.
Question #10: True or false: Once you have initially paired with the child during the first few sessions you work with them, there is no need to pair anymore.