Programming Mistakes

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AAH Unit 4 Lesson 3: 5 Common ABA Programming Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them
Question #1: To avoid making Mistake #1, Working on the wrong things, it is important to assess or reassess a child in which of the following domains?
Question #2: True or false: By looking at the whole picture, rather than just the language and problem behaviors, we can better treat our children and clients.
Question #3: To avoid making Mistake #2, Building weird language, it is important to avoid what common mistake?
Question #4: The following is an example of what:
Showing a picture of a sink, “What is it?” Child responding, “You wash your hands”
Question #5: To avoid making Mistake #3, Not using a VB-MAPP or Over-Scoring the VB-MAPP, it is important to:
Question #6: What is a risk of not doing, or over-scoring, a VB-MAPP Assessment
Question #7: To avoid making Mistake #4, Using only reactive strategies to deal with problem behaviors, one important strategy is to:
Question #8: True or false: The student is never wrong
Question #9: One risk in making Mistake #4, Not actively including parents or caregivers in the plan, is that:

Question #10: True or False: The family and child might display problem behaviors if the demands are too high and reinforcement is too low