Putting it all Together!

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AAH Unit 4 Lesson 4: Putting it All Together
Question #1: What is the first step in establishing any ABA VB Program?
Question #2: Assessment includes which of the following?
Question #3: The “STAT” stands for:
Question #4: What is the worst score you can get on the STAT?
Question #5: Once we have an assessment for the student, we can then:
Question #6: True or false: It is helpful to hold things up to eyes, mouth, and face to start to get the child to look at the therapist.
Question #7: What is the best ratio for positives to negative comments when working with anyone including children, teachers, parents, and other therapists?
Question #8: True or false: If a therapist is “clueless,” they are telling us they are not doing the required amount of work and studying outside of their caseload.
Question #9: Which is the correct order of the steps necessary to establish and ABA VB Program?
Question #10: True or false: We only want to take data that is doable and graphable, everything else is probably a waste of time.